Sterling silver 8mm butterfly pull through hoop earrings


Sterling silver 8mm butterfly pull through hoop earrings.

Polished, quirky and unique!


Sterling silver 8mm butterfly pull through hoop earrings

Polished, quirky and unique!

Pull through hoops are an amalgamation between studs and hoops. They are more comfortable to sleep in than studs. They can initially be tricky to get in, but they stay in well, which is backed up by product testers. I still have to recommend caution if wearing when sleeping, swimming and showering as I cannot be held responsible for losses.

Moulded using silver clay which comprises ground up recycled silver in a clay binder. The clay is then burnt away leaving solid fine silver behind which has a higher silver content than sterling silver.

The designs have had sterling silver curved wires soldered on to them.

Approximately 6mm tall, 8mm wide, 1mm thick.

You can choose from the regular size of 8-9mm which is usually suitable for a single or lower lobe piercing or the smaller 5-6mm size which is suitable for smaller lobes, higher piercings or for children.

Refunds or exchanges will only be given if the bag remains sealed.

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5-6mm, 8-9mm